Welcome to my personal homepage

I am a Ph.D. candidate in CS@UCLA. I work under the supervision of Dr. Kai-Wei Chang. My research interests span the areas of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning. My research efforts strike to develop computational algorithms that (1) reduce the amount of labeled data required to train NLP models from scratch; and (2) adapt to new domains and languages with fewer labeled examples. Learning universal language representations utilizing data from heterogeneous sources, designing new learning objective to bridge the gap between different learning signals, and developing flexible model architectures to enable cross-domain and cross-language transfer is the fundamental objective of my research.

Ph.D. Thesis - Transfer learning for low-resource natural language processing (NLP).

I have received my Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering from the CSE@BUET, in February 2013 and Master of Computer Science from the CS@UVA, in August 2017. In my free time, I like to solve problems to improve my programming skills and also contribute to the community. I have given 500+ answers to programming related questions and earned 25,000+ reputation on StackOverflow.

News and Announcements

  1. [08.2020] Checkout our work on keyphrase generation.
  2. [06.2020] I joined Facebook AI for Summer, 2020.
  3. [04.2020] Our paper on code summarization got accepted to ACL 2020.
  4. [08.2019] One paper got accepted at CoNLL, 2019.
  5. [06.2019] I joined Yahoo Research (Verizon Media) for Summer, 2019.
  6. [04.2019] One paper got accepted at SIGIR, 2019.
  7. [02.2019] One paper got accepted at NAACL, 2019.