Welcome to my personal homepage

I am a Ph.D. candidate at CS@UCLA. I work under the supervision of Dr. Kai-Wei Chang. My research interests span the areas of natural language processing (NLP) with a special focus on multilingual NLP. My research goal is to enhance the inclusion of technology for processing human languages by learning from limited labeled data. During my Ph.D., I got the opportunity to work as a research intern at Facebook AI (Summer 2020), Yahoo Research (Summer 2019), Microsoft Research (Summer 2018), and @WalmartLabs (Summer 2016).

I have received my Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering from the CSE@BUET, in February 2013 and Master of Computer Science from the CS@UVA, in August 2017. In my free time, I like to solve problems to improve my programming skill. I have given 500+ answers to programming related questions and earned 25,000+ reputation 😎 on StackOverflow.

I am currently looking for full time research position in industry.

News and Announcements

  1. [05.2021] Four papers got accepted at ACL 2021.
  2. [03.2021] One paper got accepted at NAACL 2021.
  3. [01.2021] Checkout our work on information extraction from privacy policies.
  4. [12.2020] Two papers got accepted at AAAI 2021.
  5. [08.2020] Checkout our work on keyphrase generation.
  6. [06.2020] I joined Facebook AI for Summer, 2020.