Welcome to my personal homepage

I am an applied scientist at AWS AI Labs. I am part of the science team that builds Amazon CodeWhisperer. My work at AWS revolves around training large language models for code completion and code in-filling tasks, and developing code embedding models to facilitate code search, code re-ranking, and retrieval augmented generation.

Before joining AWS, I completed my Ph.D. in Computer Science from the CS@UCLA under the supervision of Dr. Kai-Wei Chang. My research interests span the areas of natural language processing (NLP), with a focus on learning from limited labeled data. I received my Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering from the CSE@BUET, in February 2013, and my Master of Computer Science from the CS@UVA, in August 2017.

News and Announcements

  1. [09.2023] CrossCodeEval got accepted at NeurIPS 2023 Datasets and Benchmarks Track.
  2. [09.2023] I will serve as a senior area chair at NAACL 2024.
  3. [05.2023] Four papers got accepted at ACL 2023 and one paper got accepted at ESEC/FSE 2023.
  4. [01.2023] Three papers got accepted at EACL 2023.
  5. [01.2023] MBXP got accepted at ICLR 2023.
  6. [12.2022] Checkout our work, CoCoMIC.